MAY times five - our family and the dream of a self-owned winery. Viniculture has been in our family for 300 years. Our own winery since 1998. Along with our family, the mutual love grew, which is clearly reflected in our assortment. We‘re fascinated by Silvaner, whose character can undfold uniquely in Franconia.


Barren, skeleton-rich soils make our wine very dry and rich in finesse. This way one can discover its origin and not a lavish, fruity bouquet. We work by the guidelines of the biological viniculture. That means we leave our hands off of everything that could be seen as manipulation. With a grape-quality of 100%, we can afford to let the must rest in our cellar without our interference. We want to taste what nature created.


NOTHING happens without diligence. No vineyard is too steep. The more steep the location, the greater the challenge. Who would have thought that Retzstadt could be the source of searingly honest wine - that the challenge lies within giving the word “terroir“ a new meaning?


FOR us, ambition belongs to the act of doing. It doesn‘t work without it. Hands, spirit and imagination are the stepping stones. Persistence, edge and energy are the constant companions. And at the end of it all, we‘re only satisfied when none of the grapes become subject to compromise.




GREENHORNS are easier to satisfy, they gain experience and - if the passion is truly set to flame - will turn into fanatics. These people are great pleasure to us, because they share our passion for nature, intensity and purity.


We went into ECOLOGICAL WINE MAKING in 2015. Not as a dogma or because everyone talks about it, but because we are convinced that only wines from healthy soils can authentically tell about their origin. Our vineyards are not treated with synthetic fertilisers, herbicides (like glyphosate), insecticides and fungicides. Small amounts of copper and sulphur are spread to protect the vines from fungal attack.




Our soils are our key asset. We keep them vital with our own compost and mechanically free from weeds - if necessary even with a hoe. We are craftsmen – and Silvaner loves it! Our musts are fermenting spontaneously with “wild” yeasts, even our red wines. The curiosity and the will to constantly question and improve ourselves is our motivation.